To create non-custodial recoverable and inheritable wallets by allowing wallets to be claimed by beneficiaries at the right time with ease and security.




Safient wallet is a non-custodial wallet that can be self-recovered or claimed by beneficiaries at the right time without any intermediaries. It is built on top of the Safient protocol which helps to claim or inherit wallet secret information by the beneficiaries at the right time with the help of several types of claim methods.

A safient wallet is a basic web wallet where anyone can create an account with several authentication methods and create any number of wallets. Unlike all the existing non-custodial wallets, the user doesn’t need to back up their wallet seed phrases while creating the account.

Thanks to our trustless Safient recovery network. Each wallet can be self-recovered anytime by the creator and claimed by the beneficiary only during certain events. The security to the wallet is provided by the Safient protocol which in turn functions with the help of the guardian network.


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